Dr Márk Szente Dr. László Fenyvesi A dynamometer vehicle for testing off-road vehicles, tractors

The suitable dynamometer car has been developed by Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering (MGI) for braking on the field or terrain. The braking system is a special diesel-hydraulic version with 400KW power. The draft simulation and real time data analyzing is realized with PLD control unit and PC data collecting. The main parameters are: travel speed range: 0 – 35 km/h (equal with braking speed range), the planned max. drawbar force on field: 150 kN (up to the present the max drawbar force was 180 kN on loamy clay covered wheat stubble), the planned max. drawbar power on field: 250 kW (up to the present the max drawbar power was 316 kW on loamy clay covered wheat stubble). The realized dynamometer car was tested on field many times.