Dr. David B. Foster Application of different Diesel Engines in modern Off-road machines

Since the invention of diesel engines, they have played a key role in powering off-road machines. They quickly replaced steam and spark-ignition engines in earlier vehicles and over the last ninety years they have proven themselves as the primary power source for off-road machines. The inherent increased efficiency and superior lugging capability of the diesel engine led to it being selected for off-road machines.
This paper will review the development of the diesel engine for off-road machines with a particular interest in the evolution of the different combustion systems, and how they continually improved its characteristics to the efficient, smooth-running, quiet and smoke-free refined levels of today.
It will show how the different diesel engine models developed from the early days are still applied today as the basis of powering modern off-road machines.
Finally the remarkable advance in technology, driven to a large extent by the tightening legislation of gaseous emissions and machine noise levels, will be discussed and how these are applied in today’s off-road machines too. This includes the trend towards turbocharging and charge cooling, electronically-controlled fuel injection systems and the use of composite materials and aftertreatment. An insight will be given into today’s most modern technology and what lies ahead for the future